Find the right Max Detergent powder for you

Active Max washing powder

It is an ideal match for any type of fabric be it cotton, synthetic, polymers etc.

Super Max washing Powder

Max washing powder is the best used for washing Machines.

About Us

We Provide super Clean Formula

Clothing can profoundly impact your life As it represents happy memories, fantastic tales, and delightful moments close to your heart. We value your favorite garments just as much as you do. This clothing should remain with you so you can continue to experience these extraordinary events and possess a physical reminder of them. With Max, you can keep enjoying each event worry-free while remaining confident and looking you're most pleasing.

  • Brighten up your clothes.
  • Stain removal made easy.
  • All-around fresh cleaning.
  • Safe for fabrics and colours.
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About Us

Why choose Max Detergent

Taking Care of Colours

you can remove tough stains by machine or hand while maintaining the fabric's original color. Max detergent helps in keeping your clothes fresh.

Aromatic Fragrance

It ensures that your clothes not only look but also smell fresh. With Max detergent, you can enjoy the pleasant aroma of fresh jasmine.

Effortless stain removal

Max detergent penetrates stains faster and removes tough stains on the spot using its advanced cleaning technology.

Suitable for any type of clothes

Whether you wash cotton, synthetics, polymers, or any other kind of fabric, Max detergent won't damage them.

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Easy way to wash clothes

Max is ideal for any kind of clothes or fabric cotton, Synthetic, Polymer etc.